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Computer Support
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There are 10 printers in our department. Access is restricted to certain printers depending on the user's classification (i.e. graduate, undergraduate, faculty)

Name Location
capstone1 Olsson 237
fac101 Olsson 101
fac102 Olsson 102
fac112 Olsson 112
fac114 Olsson 114
fac116 Olsson 102
grad1 Olsson 235
grad2 Olsson 226
grad3 Olsson 111

Accessing the printers on laptops or other computers not logged into the systems network:

One can easily access any of the above printers by typing \\servername\printername in the "add network printer" setup. You must have either Windows XP or Windows 7, however. Also, you need to type the full server name. So for example, if one wanted to access a printer on CALYPSO...


You may be prompted for your id and password. Make sure when you type your id you include (, not just abc2d)

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Borrow Equipment

The equipment is available for your use on a first come first served basis. Please submit requests for available equipment to Ig in person up to 1 hour prior to the event.

Email Ig if you have any questions.

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Computer Labs

  Graduate Lab Capstone Lab
For: Graduate Students 4th-Year Undergraduates
Location: Olsson 235 Olsson 237
Hardware: iMac iMac
  8 GB RAM, 1 TB HD 3 GB RAM, 250 GB HD
  27", 2560x1440 21.5", 1920x1080
Quantity: 16 24
OS: Windows 7 Windows XP
Printer Name: grad1 capstone1
Printer Type: Laserjet - duplex Laserjet - duplex
Misc: Scanner  

The following software is available on most of our lab machines:

Analytical, Statistical, and Model Tools

  1. ARENA 13
  2. Decision Tools
  3. Mathematica 8
  4. Matlab 2012
  5. Minitab 16
  6. SAS System 9.3
  7. SPLUS 2000 rel. 3
  8. SPSS 20
  9. R


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Report a Computer Problem

To report a computer problem please e-mail You can also call or stop by Ig's office.

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