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Study Abroad

Systems Engineering has a track record of more students studying abroad than any other major -- it is not only very possible, it is frequently the most rewarding part of a student's undergraduate experience.  There are many ways to do study abroad as a systems engineer.

We have several programs that that are run from our department.

UVA in Argentina - work with Argentine wineries on short-term consulting project
UVa in Sweden - work on sustainability-related consulting projects with Swedish clients
UVa-Brazil program - do part of your capstone in Brazil

You can also pursue exchange programs at other universities and UVA study abroad programs not directly related to engineering.  The whole suite of programs offered via the UVa Education Abroad program are open to you. 

The department's study abroad advisor is Reid Bailey.  Come to his office hours to discuss study abroad in general, learn more about our department's offerings, or figure out which courses from international universities can transfer to UVa (he has a list of those.... and the list keeps growing as more Systems students study abroad).