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Theses & Dissertations

Dissertations and theses are published on LIBRA: Online Archive of University of Virginia

Author Degree  Title  Advisor
Boyer, Ryan M.S. A Human-in-the-Loop Methodology For Applying Topic Models to Identify Systems Thinking and to Perform Systems Analysis Scherer
Chaysiri, Rujira Ph.D. Optimizing Budget Allocation in an Integrated Water and Sanitation System Using Optimal Control Theory Louis
Connelly, Elizabeth Ph.D. Resilience Analysis and Value of Information with Application to Aviation Biofuels Lambert
Datta, Debajyoti M.S. A Deep Learning Methodology for Semantic Utterance Classification in Domain-Specific Dialogue Systems Barnes
Engelhard, Matthew Ph.D. Adaptive Algorithms for Personalized Health Monitoring Patek
Everett, Andrew M.S. What are the odds?: A Utilisation of Game-Theoretic Methods for an application of the Monte Carlo Tree Search Method to Settlers of Catan White
Gan, Chee Chun Ph.D. Applying Genetic Algorithms to the Problem of Variable Selection in Large Datasets with Interaction Terms    Learmonth
Heddy, Gerald M.S. A Simulation Environment to Support Prognostics and Health Management in Smart Manufacturing Systems Beling
Landau, Michael Ph.D. Optimal 6D Object Pose Estimation with Commodity Depth Sensors Beling
Lensing, Julia M.S. Imputation Methods and Modeling of Environmental Reservoirs of Nosocomial Carbapenum-Resistant Bacteria Brown
Liu, Xiaoqian M.S. Tracking the Occurrence and Academic Effects of Sexual Violence at a University    Brown
Malinowski, Michael M.S. Harmonizing Prognostics and Health Management with Risk Analysis for Smart Manufacturing Systems Beling, Haimes
Muthiah, Annamalai Ph.D. Novel Statistical and Systems Engineering Approaches Towards Gene Network Inference Lee, Patek
Pu, Shi Ph.D. Multi-agent Control and Optimization under Uncertainty Garcia, Gu
Remer, Jason, Scott Ph.D. "Engineering, Education, and Infrastructure: Empowering the World's Most Vulnerable" Louis
Thorisson, Heimir M.S. Rule-Based Filtering of Risk Scenarios by the Disruption of Management Priorities Lambert
Vilankar, Ketki M.S. Spatiotemporal Visualization and Modeling of Nosocomial Infections Barnes


Author Degree  Title  Advisor
Adams Jr., Stephen Conway Ph.D. Simultaneous Feature Selection and Parameter Estimation for Hidden Markov Models Beling
Ben Brahim, Najib Ph.D. Enabling Physical Activity for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus by Real Time Risk Assessment and Insulin Dose Adjustment Advice Patek
Demas, Matthew William M.S. The Specificity of Metacognition in Nuclear Process Control: Results from a Full-Scope Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Experiment Barnes
Dunham, David Frank M.S. Robust Solutions in Resource Leveling via Genetic Algorithm Populations Brown
Eshera, Osama M.S. An Agent-Based Model of Social Impact with Bayesian Updating Rules Learmonth
Gallahan, Sean Lawrence M.S. A Force-Controlled Indenter to Elicit a Tactile Afferent Response that Accommodates for the Skin's Viscoelastic Relaxation and Differing Thickness Gerling
Hassan, Muhammad Ammar M.S. Non-Stationary Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit with Application in Online Recommendations Beling
Jiang, Boyi Ph.D. Characterizing Parameter Uncertainty in Biomedical Systems for Improved Estimation, Prediction and Control Breton
Kruger, Carl M M.S. Identifying Correlates of Homicide Rates in Michoac√°n, Mexico Gerber
Lewis, Bryan Richard M.S. Systems-Based Risk Analysis for the FAA NextGen's Integration of the Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance System of Systems Haimes
Li, Jin M.S. Predicting Large-Scale Internet Censorship - A Machine Learning Approach Learmonth
Low, Hui Boon M.S. A Spectrum Allocation and Auction Mechanism With The Maximum Weighed Independent Set Garcia
Lukas, Michael M.S. Comparative Analysis of Tracking Algorithms through Video Brown
Pape, Alexander Edwin M.S. Empirically Predicting International Diplomatic Decisions Regarding the Libyan Civil War Gerber
Sun, Yue Ph.D. Two Time-Scales in Global Optimization and Equilibrium Garcia
Vacik, Samantha M M.S. Land Cover Change Modeling Using Cellular Automata Rules Derived from Landsat Imagery Learmonth
Vereshchetin, Pavel Ph.D. Model-Based Advisory Systems for Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes: On-Demand Treatment Recommendations as a Precursor to Fully Closed-Loop Drug Delivery Patek
Wan, Lingtian M.S. A Stimulus Independent Generator Function Focused Upon Merkel Cell and Neurite Currents of the Slowly Adapting Type I Cutaneous Afferent Gerling
Wang, Mingjun M.S. Using Twitter for Next-Place Prediction, with an Application to Crime Prediction Gerber
Woehleke, Sarah Elizabeth M.S. Optimal Power Flow Contingency Planning for Electrical Grid Systems under N-K Failure Scenarios Garcia
Wu, Hao M.S. A Methodology for Analyzing Healthcare Utilization Among College Students with Mental Health Disorders Barnes
Zhou, Qi   M.S. Brill Tagging on the Micron Automata Processor Brown


Author Degree Title Advisor
Bogdanor, Joshua M.S. Risk Analysis of GPS-Dependent Communications Critical Infrastructure Utilized by the US Electric Power Grid Haimes
Bonczar, Lawrence M.S. Applications of Kitting Materials Feeding Policy to Healthcare: A Case Study in a Perioperative Services Department White
Devoge, Justin Ph.D. A Systematic, Multi-method Approach for Understanding and Improving Resident Physician Handoffs Bailey
Golden, William M.S. Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds and Volatility: An Exploratory Discussion Scherer 
Guo, Zhenyu Ph.D. A Systematic Approach to Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Systems of Systems Haimes 
Hamilton, Michelle Ph.D. Risk Analysis and Mission Factoring: Eliciting Experts on Energy Systems and Climate at Military Installations Lambert 
Haravitch, Lucas M.S. Forecasting Ammunition Demand on a Modern Battlefield Brown
Kwiatkowski, Callie M.S. Measuring Care Variation in Congestive Heart Failure Patients Barnes,Laura 
Lightbody, Sarah M.S. An Engineered Tactile Modulation Platform to Recreate Tactile Feedback in Upper-Limb Prostheses Gerling
McFarland, Matthew M.S. Investigating Design Performance of Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Engineering Student Teams Bailey
Melikian, Armen M.S. An Agent-Based Approach to Improving Commuter Traffic by Means of Advanced Traveler Information Systems Gerber
Pulido, Joseph Vincent M.S. A Method for the Detection and Diagnosis of Stealthy False Data Injection Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems Horowitz
Rajaratnam, Kanshukan Ph.D. Decision Models in Consumer Lending in the Context of Economic Uncertainty Beling
Scanlon, Jacob M.S. Automatic Detection and Forecasting of Violent Extremist Cyber-Recruitment Gerber
Sheng, Yu M.S. Implementation of a Multiple Switch Time Approach to Style-Based Motion Segmentation LaViers
Vedomske, Michael Ph.D. Addressing Quality of Patient Care by Measuring Care Variation and Predicting Thirty-Day Readmissions Brown
White, James M.S. Modeling Multi-Objective Risk Management Tradeoffs for Integrating Unmanned Aviation Systems into the National Airspace System Haimes
Whitehead, Nelson Ph.D. The Dimensions of Systems Thinking - An Approach for a Standard Language of Systems Thinking Scherer
Xu, Junrui Ph.D. Heterogeneous Data Uncertainties in Risk Management of a Multiscale Transportation Program Lambert
Zhang, Huiying M.S. Selective Factorized Coupled Hidden Markov Model - Exploiting Collective Sensor Information for Human Activity Recognition Beling
Zhang, Yue Ph.D. Stochastic Simulation Optimization for Districting Problems with Application to Police Patrol District Design Brown,Donald E
Author Degree Title Advisor
Andrijcic, Eva Ph.D. Intrinsic Meta-Modeling of Systems of Systems: A Study in Bridge Infrastructure Management Haimes
Armentrout, Zhachary M.S. Bayesian Fusion of Ensemble Forecasts Krzysztofowicz
Barrera Alviar, Jorge Ph.D. Mechanism Design for the Allocation of Networked Resources Garcia
Bouabid, Ali Ph.D. A Systems Approach for the Selection of Appropriate Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Communities Louis
Connelly, Elizabeth M.S. Case Studies Identifying Scenarios of Influence to Priority-Setting: Rio de Janeiro Disaster Management and Commonwealth of Virginia Biojet Fuels Lambert
Divalentin, Louis M.S. Initial Application of Fault Detection Techniques to Cybersecurity Intrusion Detection Horowitz
Harrison, Patrick M.S. Global Water Games: A General Participatory, Agent-Based Modeling Platform for Watershed System Management Learmonth
Hayes, Roy M.S. Action-based Feature Representation for Reverse Engineering Trading Strategies Beling
Huddleston, Samuel Ph.D. Geographic Probability Algorithms with Security Force Applications Brown 
Hugine, Akilah Ph.D. Measuring the Influence of Alternative Treemap Visualizations on Human Judgment Tasks Guerlain
Johns, Alexander M.S. Demographic Factors for Prioritization of Airport Safety Audits Lambert
Lafferty, Kelli M.S. Distributed Routing in Networks with Time-Variant Edge Capacities: A Modified Multicommodity Flow Approach Cogill 
Lesniak, Daine Ph.D. The Stimulus-Response Transformation of the SAI Tactile Afferent is Modulated by the Number and Arrangement of Merkel Cells in its Compound End Organ Gerling
Lickett, Barbara M.S. Integration of Graphical Modeling Techniques as a Structural Framework for System-Aware Cyber Security Architecture Selection Beling 
Oyama, Kyle Ph.D. Modeling Complexity in New Product Development: Decisions and Dependencies in Team-Based Design Projects Learmonth
Paddrik, Mark Ph.D. Assessing Financial Markets through System Complexity Management Scherer 
Pailla, Siddhartha M.S. Using Louis-Ostrom Comprehensive Capacity Assessment to Analyze Domestic Water Infrastructure in Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India Louis
Rust, Evan M.S. A Patient-Specific, Dynamic, Multiobjective Model for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatments Haimes
Slovensky, John M.S. A Cellular Automata Driven Image Encryption System Learmonth 
Smith, Christopher Ph.D. Stepping Back from the Trees to See the Forest: Network Approaches to Valuing Intelligence Scherer
Teague, Edward Ph.D. Robust Design for Security and Humanitarian Support Brown 
Trantham, Nathan M.S. A Distributed, Model-Based Approach to Cyber-Security: Application to Wind Farms Gerling 
Vargo, Erik Ph.D. Expectation-maximization for Bayes-adaptive POMDPs Cogill 
Wang, Yuting Ph.D. Analyzing the Implications of Network Structure in Global Optimization and Peer-to-Peer Trust Garcia 
You, Haowen Ph.D. Priority Setting and Integrated Assessment of Transportation System Vulnerabilities to Deep Uncertainties Lambert 
Zhao, Yijia Ph.D. Coordination Issues in Cooperative Decentralized Decision Problems Patek/Beling
Author Degree Title Advisor
Baumgart, Leigh Ph.D. A Conceptual Framework to Guide the Design and Evaluation of Human Interaction with Information Automation to Support Judgment Gerling/ Bass
Bobko, Ryan M.S. An Agent-Based Watershed Modeling Framework Learmonth/ Guerlain
Chen, Lei Ph.D. Image Fusion and An Outlier Detection Framework for Hierarchical Modeling with Application to Corrosion Prediction Brown 
Delong, Suzanne Ph.D. An Efficient Methodology for Analysis of Stochastic Computer Simulation Experiments Brown 
Fox, Jonathan Ph.D. Temporal Considerations for Spatial Event Prediction Brown 
Gessner, Alexander M.S. Predicting Delay-Bound Violations for Cellular Transmissions: Pre-Hospital ECGs Uploaded from Moving Vehicles Patek / Bass
Jones, Rick Ph.D. System-Aware Security Horowitz
Ortiz, Edward M.S. Simulation of Glycemic Variability in Critically Ill Burn Patients Patek
Prey, Jennifer M.S. Utilization of Design Elements of Personalized Cancer Risk Assessments to Enhance Patient Understanding and Self-Efficacy Guerlain/Gerling
Qiao, Qifeng Ph.D. Machine Approaches to Epistemic Learning with Application to Decision Strategy Recognition Beling
Teng, Kuei-Teng Ph.D. Business Processes, Policy Analysis, and Maturity Model for a Risk and Safety Program Lambert
Thekdi, Shital Ph.D. Land Risk Management for Transportation Networks: Development of the Corridor Trace Analysis and Supporting Methodologies Lambert
Wang, Xiaofeng Ph.D. Feature-Based Spatio-Temporal Modeling Brown,Donald E
Wang, Yuxiang M.S. Impact of Skin Hyper- and Visco-elastic Properties on Neural Mechanotransduction of the Slowly Adapting Type I Afferent Gerling
Warner, Thomas M.S. Agent-Based Simulation Optimization for Infrastructure Project Selection Brown,Donald E
Werner, Jin M.S. Risk Modeling of Sequential Decision-making in the National Airspace System and with Unmanned Aerial Systems Haimes
Yang, Steve Ph.D. Behavior Based Algorithmic Trading Strategy Identification Scherer
Zhang, Yiwei M.S. Numerical Issues in Estimation of Continuous Parametric Distributions Krzysztofowicz
Zhou, Zhou Ph.D. Stochastic LQ Control with Probabilistic Constraints Cogill
Author Degree Title Advisor
Birisan, Mihnea M.S. Improving Operator Effectiveness using Multi-Instance Learning Beling
Bleistein, Justin M.S. Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment Decision Analysis:  A Multi-Objective Decision Tree Aproach Haimes
Brantley, Kimberly M.S. Information, Data Entry, and Reporting Requirements for a Multiple-Service Resident Sign-Out Support Tool Bass
Carson, William   M.S. Analyzing Output Variability of the SAI Mechanoreceptor in Response to Sinusoidal Stimuli Gerling
Chan, Alice Ph.D. Modeling of the Insulin Pathway in Insulin Therapy to Improve Normoglycemic Control of Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Patek
Datesh, Jay M.S. Applying IntelliDriveSM Technologies to Improve Traffic Signal Efficacy Using Clustering Algorithms Patek
Demarest, Jeffrey   M.S. An Agent-Based Model of Water and Health in Limpopo Province Learmonth
Etem, Melike M.S. Assessing Student Perceptions and Knowledge During a First-Year Engineering Design Course Bailey
Graham, Kristin M.S. Integrating Probabilistic Design and Rare Event Simulation into the Requirements Engineering Process to Analyze Risk Problems in High Reliability Systems White
Henriques, Justin   Ph.D. Methodology for the Systematic Selection, Design, and Implementation of Sustainable Distributed Household Energy Infrastructure in Developing Countries Louis
Hong, Mingyi Ph.D. Competition and Equilibrium in Resource Constrained Cognitive Radio Networks Garcia
Karvetski, Christopher Ph.D. Scenario-Based Preferences with Multicriteria Analysis for Strategic Design Lambert
Karvetski, Colleen Ph.D. Safety Supervision System Design and Implications for Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) in T1DM Patek
Lee, Angela M.S. Applying the Partial Credit Model to the Assessment of Clinical Hands-On Skills in a Part-Task Simulator Gerling
Lee, Douglas Ph.D. Network Flow Models for Strategic Air Traffic Management Patek/Bass
Meth, Sharon M.S. Characterization of Patient Handovers by Hospitalists at Change of Shift Bass/Guerlain
Parlak, Ayse M.S. Implications of Uncertain Population Behaviors for Radiological Emergency Management:  Preparedness Initiatives and Performance of a Highway Network Lambert
Platts-Mills, Oliver M.S. A Framework for Assessing Capstone Programs Inclusive of Inherent Variance Bailey
Revenko, Nikita   M.S. Analytical Modeling and Quantification of Risks Associated with Airport Runway Incursions Crowther
Reyes, Irwin M.S. Trade-Offs in Computation and Communication for Automatic Target Recognition in Constrained Wireless Systems Beling
Rogerson, Ellen  M.S. Risk Analysis and Prioritization of Airports for Runway Incursions Lambert
Shen, Zhijiang Ph.D. Analyzing the Effects of Network Externalities in Dynamic Strategic Investment Garcia
Zhang, Qian M.S. Daily Meal Estimation of Type 1 Diabetics Patek
Author  Degree Title Advisor
Herr, Henry Ph.D. A Bayesian Ensemble System for Probabilistic Forecasting in Hydrology Krzysztofowicz
Li, Chenyang Ph.D. Rational Swarm for Global Optimization Garcia
Zhu, Kangyuan Ph.D. Wireless Network Deployment Problems Accommodating Uncertain Transmission Ranges Patek
Bao, Jonathan M.S. Use of Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Identity Prediction Horowitz
Chen, Yuanda M.S. LQG Model-Based Control of T1DM: Safety and Performance Implications of Kalman Filter Initialization Beling
Collins, Ross M.S. Systems-Driven, Risk-Informed Spatial Analysis of Photovoltaic (PV) Configurations: Findings and Policy Implications for the Commonwealth of Virginia Crowther
Lee, Nah Youn M.S. Sufficient Statistics of Ensemble for Probabilistic Weather Forecasting Krzysztofowicz
Perez, Thomas M.S. The Impact of Physician and Patient Factors on Verbal Sign-Out Content and Duration. Bass
Vedomske, Michael M.S. Modeling Trust in Risk Analysis: Measuring its Expected Value to Incorporate the Affect Heuristic into a Decision Analysis Calculus with Applications Crowther
Yao, Xin M.S. Assessing Requirements and Opportunities for Continuous Near Real-Time Telemetry of Mobile Patient Health Status Patek
Bolton, Matthew Ph.D. Using Task Analytic Behavior Modeling, Erroneous Human Behavior Generation, and Formal Methods to Evaluate the Role of Human-automation Interaction in System Failure Bass
Finkelstein, Daniel Ph.D. Reliability Analysis of Markovian Damage Davis
Coso, Alexandra M.S. Measuring Undergraduate Engineering Students' Interdisciplinary Understanding Bailey
Tucker, Scott M.S. Development and Application of Decision-Making Methodologies for Decisions with Preference Uncertainty Santos
Hamilton, Michelle M.S. Lifecycle Cost Analysis with Emergent Conditions: An Application to Energy Security at Military Installations Haimes
Kim, Elmer M.S. Integrating Sensors with a Neural Model to Mimic SAI Tactile Spiking Response for Ramp and Hold Stimuli Gerling
Murray, Emma M.S. A Local Optimization Algorithm for Bilinear Matrix Inequality Problems Cogill
Rivest, Isabelle M.S. Validating a Model of Tactile Mechanotransduction to Evaluate Sparse Populations of SAI Receptors for Activities of Daily Living Gerling
Zhou, Xiao M.S. Risk Averse Routing: An Algorithm and its Implementation Beling
Author Degree Title Advisor
Czarnecki, David M.S. A utility-based content adaptation scheme for low capacity wireless video surveillance systems Patek
Deviney, Frank Ph.D. Hierarchical continuous time Markov chain models for threshold exceedance Brown
Franklin, William Ph.D. The theoretical foundation of the MSER algorithm White
Hwang, Sung Nam M.S. Risk-based bridge maintenance condition assessment incorporating factor of safety, rating factor and reliability approaches Haimes
Jones, Rick M.S. Extending service oriented architectures as a basis for rapidly reconfigurable information systems Horowitz
Jung, Jeesang Ph.D. Probabilistic extension to the inoperability input-output model : P-IIM Haimes
Ledwith, Michael M.S. The application of Bayesian methods to the prediction of volatility in financial markets Davis
Peng, Cheng Ph.D. A new approach of computing the hitting time of a reversible Markov chain Cogill
Shields, Devin M.S. Algorithmic processing of subcutaneous glucose monitoring data Brown
Xing, Jie M.S. A refined 2D machine vision system for positioning an industrial robot Beling
Author Degree Title Advisor
Baki, Yvonne M.S. Requirements analysis for a goundwater assessment information management and decision-making tool : case study of Albemarle County, Virginia Louis
Basu, Shankha M.S. A high-level modeling framework for total system performance of automated target recognition in distributed surveillance systems Beling
Caswell, Byron M.S. A risk-based framework for the analysis of pandemic influenza and the workforce-epidemic mixing model Crowther
Dickey, Brett M.S. Multi-objective network optimization (MONO) method for improving efficiency of Safety Service Patrol via route configuration modifications : an extreme event Santos
Gao, Lu Ph.D. Loan origination decisions based on multiple scores with application to installment loan portfolio selection Beling
Guan, Ping M.S. Hierarchical Bayesian Model and coordinated hierarchical Bayesian Model in runway incursion analysis  
Henriques, Justin M.S. Using requirements analysis to select sustainable drinking water supply and grey water reuse systems for developing communities : case study in Cimahi, Indonesia Louis
Hiltz, John M.S. A simulated model for time-constrained military decision making Scherer
Lee, Aaron M.S. Framework for risk-based decision analysis of contingent supply chains with application to supplying emergency water for Hampton Roads following a hurricane Crowther
Mardikanto, Aldy M.S. Requirements analysis of black water management and municipal solid waste management for developing communities : case study of Cimahi, Indonesia Louis
Orsi, Mark M.S. Pandemic analysis : incorporating time varying perturbations into the dynamic inoperability input-output model (DIIM) Santos
Sohn, Ernest M.S. An impact study regarding the implementation of geofencing system for HAZMAT transport Davis
Solomon, Chad M.S. Development & validation of software for a GCRC artificial pancreas trial Patek
Wang, Xiaofeng M.S. Incident data association using text and narratives Brown
Zhang, Weide M.S. Empirical analysis of the effects of cyber security incidents  
Author Degree Title Advisor
Bose, Nilav M.S. Comovement-based trading strategies in equity markets using time series analysis Davis
Chan, Alice M.S. Modeling the growth of filiform corrosion Brown
Creasey, Roy Ph.D. Development of sequential procedures for comparing a simulation output to a limit standard White
Crowther, Kenneth Ph.D. Development of a multiregional framework and demonstration of its feasibility for strategic preparedness of interdependent regions Haimes
Evans, Britt M.S. Quantification of Uncertainty in Weather Forecasts Krzysztofowicz
Gennert, Bayard M.S. Risk assessment of critical infrastructure with economic interdependency analysis and security perspectives Haimes
Gormley, Kevin Ph.D. Research and development planning : selecting and scheduling projects with approximate solutions to a Markov decision model Scherer
Greenberg, Michael M.S. Global approaches to managing the eco-potentials and risks of nanotechnology Gorman
Robinson, Donald Ph.D. Generalized tessellation based design and analysis of computer experiments with manifold input spaces Brown
Stilwell, Wayne Ph.D. A calibration and validation process (CAVP) for complex adaptive system simulation Brown
Sung, Myong M.S. Rapid configuration of information systems operating over heterogeneous networks Horowitz
White, Megan M.S. Opportunistic maximum likelihood calibration of a large-scale, distributed surveillance system DeVore
Author Degree Title Advisor
Anderson, Christopher M.S. Assessing and prioritizing critical assets for the United States Army with a modified RFRM Haimes
Andrijcic, Eva M.S. Risk analysis of cyber attacks using input-output model Horowitz
Burkett, Matthew M.S. Improving online advertisement targeting through behavioral clustering Scherer
Carlson, Melanie M.S. A methodology for ISMAUT and harnessing decision maker intuition Scherer
Haggerty, Matthew M.S. A risk-based framework for deriving perturbation inputs to the inoperability input-output model with application to transportation security  
Hansen, Patrick M.S. Automated monitoring of crime patterns using non-homogenous zero modified Poisson models Brown
Harton, Philip M.S. Design issues concerning a pathfinding algorithm for counterterrorism link analysis. Horowitz
Hendricks, Aron M.S. Investigation of system characteristics of cellular handoff-based traffic monitoring Scherer
Jung, Jeesang M.S. Theory and application of international trade inoperability input-output model (IT-IIM) and employment loss analysis model (ELAM) Haimes
Kripalani, Avinash M.S. Estimating incident related congestion on freeways based on incident severity Scherer
Lee, Alexander M.S. Examining the viability of patent pools to the growing nanotechnology patent thicket Gorman
Leung, Maria Ph.D. Supply- and output-side extensions to inoperability input-output model (IIM) with application to interdependencies of road transportation system Haimes
Lian, Chenyang Ph.D. Extreme risk analysis of dynamic interdependent infrastructures and sectors of the economy with applications to financial modeling Haimes/Santos
Maranzano, Coire Ph.D. Bayesian Meta-Gaussian Models for Data Analysis and Probabilistic Forecasting Krzysztofowicz
Porter, Michael Ph.D. Detecting space-time anomalies in point process models of intelligent site selection Brown
Seirafi, Reza M.S. Evaluation of performance of supervised learning classification models at detecting activities of daily living (ADL) Brown
Sinha, Kaushik Ph.D. Sampled joint strategy fictitious play : a new approach to discete optimization via simulation Garcia/ Patek
Sledd, Richard M.S. Characterization of sign-out in pediatric acute care wards to inform process improvement Bass
Waller, Mark M.S. Hierarchical coordinated Bayesian modeling for risk analysis with sparse data Haimes
Wardak, Ahson M.S. Life cycle analysis and earth systems engineering management : a case study in nanotechnology regulation Gorman
Author Degree Title Advisor
Belmonte Prats, Francis M.S. Textual analysis and linking of narratives (Talon) : utilizing TF-IDF for the incorporation of narrative information into incident data association Brown
Bower, Ryan M.S. Improving campaign size through advertisement selection Scherer
Evanchik, Daniel M.S. Using a speed index and visual data display to analyze freeway traffic data Scherer
Goknur, Sinem M.S. Measuring operator conformance with air traffic self-separation alerting systems Bass
Griffin, Gregory M.S. Terrain based path prediction Brown
Gussman, Aaron M.S. Identification of ambiguous and conflicting information in protein classification metadatabases Bass
Halstead, John Ph.D. Support vector machine/regression feature selection with an application towards classification Brown
Herndon III, Albert M.S. Mobile medical solutions: a comparative analysis of the army's battlefield medical information system tactical and two civilian systems.  
Klein, Kathryn M.S. The effects of cognitive feedback on trust and performance while using information analysis automation Bass
Long, Kevin M.S. Measuring pediatric resident performance : analysis of NICU flowsheet reading competency Guerlain
Santamaria, Michael M.S. A facility location model trading-off maximal covering and flow capturing objectives in a changing network Scherer
Smith, Michael M.S. Choice modeling of bombing attack site selection Brown
Wang, Jinlian M.S. Traffic characterization by measurements and estimation of strong effective envelope with applications Patek
Woodley, Derek M.S. Evaluating commuter travel times using the metric of the minimum economic commute Scherer