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Research Areas

Decision Theory and Risk Analysis

Develops the foundations of rational decision making under uncertainty and with multiple objectives; then formulates methodologies and models for decision support and risk management.

Forecasting and Simulation

Models, forecasts, and simulates the behavior of stochastic processes and dynamic systems; focuses especially on processes with nonlinear dynamics, complex logic, and multiple sources of uncertainty.

Human Factors

Investigates and models the cognitive and physical performance of humans at work; analyzes both individual and team behaviors at different levels of abstraction in order to quantify and predict human performance.

Optimization and Control

Develops optimization and control techniques for improving performance of complex engineering and economic systems; includes stochastic control, decentralized optimization, and dynamic games.

Systems Analysis, Design, and Integration

Develops and applies methodologies, models, and techniques for analyzing existing systems, designing new systems, and integrating components (hardware, software, human, and policies) into complex systems.