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Graduate Programs at the Systems and Information Engineering Department


What graduate programs do you offer?

Our department offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Master of Science (MS), and Master of Engineering (ME) degrees.  The PhD and MS degrees are research-based; the research culminates in a dissertation or thesis, respectively.  The ME degree has a supervised research project.  The PhD and MS degrees have a residency requirement (one must be physically present to attend classes and conduct research).  The ME program on-grounds has a residency requirement as well, but this is only one of three routes to the ME degree.  The ME can be achieved on-grounds, through the distance learning program (CGEP), or through our Accelerated Masters Program (AMP).  


What kind of research is available for the PhD and MS degrees?

As the name of the department suggests, our research areas cover a lot of ground. However, there are some general types of projects in which we specialize. Please see the Research section of our website for more information.


What kind of financial aid is available?

Financial aid is only available for those in the MS and PhD degree programs.  Those in the ME degree are not eligible for financial aid through the Systems Engineering department or the Engineering School.


What is the Accelerated Master’s Program tuition and what kind of financial aid is available?

The Accelerated Master's Program in Systems Engineering is designed to enable working professionals to earn a Master of Engineering degree in one year while continuing to work full time. Students from diverse industries and backgrounds travel to Charlottesville for classes every other Friday and Saturday, with a week in residence at the beginning of the program in May and another week at the conclusion of courses the following April. Classes are taught by full-time professors from the Department of Systems and Information Engineering and the Darden Graduate School of Business in well-equipped facilities on the beautiful UVa Grounds.

The UVA Board of Visitors approves the Accelerated Master's Program tuition each year, typically in February or March, for the next program year that begins in May and ends in April of the following year.  The comprehensive tuition is the same for both Virginia residents and non-residents and includes includes tuition, fees, books, software, and meals and lodging while students are on Grounds for classes. AMP students are required to provide a laptop computer for use during the Program.  For the most current AMP tuition rates, please consult the AMP website here.

Federal Direct and Federal Graduate PLUS loans are available to all admitted AMP students who submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Federal government and a UVA Graduate Financial Aid Application to the Student Financial Services Financial Aid Office at the University of Virginia and who complete all steps of the loan process. Student loans from private sources are also available to students. UVA's financial aid website,, offers more detailed information concerning education loans.

Accelerated Master's Program students are not eligible for student visas so AMP students must be either U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or otherwise entitled to reside in the U.S. while completing this program.

Please visit the Accelerated Master’s Program website for more details about the program.